Nord­ic Pro­jects & Fin­ance is a strong part­ner for identi­fy­ing, struc­tur­ing and fin­an­­cing pro­jects in today’s ship­ping mar­kets.

Based in Ham­burg, Nord­ic Pro­jects & Fin­ance (NPF) iden­ti­fies in­­vest­­ment op­­por­­tun­­it­ies and of­fers all re­lated ser­­vices in­­­volving pro­ject man­age­­ment (in­­clud­ing struc­tur­ing and de­vel­op­­ment), asset man­age­­ment (tech­n­ic­al, com­mer­­­cial and cor­­por­ate) as well as fin­an­­cing solu­­tions on be­half of private- and fin­an­­cial in­­vestors, ship own­ers as well as fin­an­­cing banks.

Pro­ject Devel­op­ment

Nord­ic Pro­jects & Fin­ance has a broad net­­work in today's in­­ter­­n­a­­tion­al ship­ping and ship­build­ing mar­kets. NPF identi­fies at­tract­ive pro­jects and provides flex­ible solu­­tions spe­­ci­fic­ally ad­jus­ted to the needs and re­quire­ments of their cli­ents.

Asset Man­age­ment

A broad net­­work with close re­la­­tion­­ships to tech­n­ic­al and com­mer­­­cial man­agers en­­­ables NPF to al­ways identi­fy the ideal part­n­er for a spe­­ci­f­ic pro­ject: Nord­ic Ham­burg Group has de­veloped +90 new­build­ing as well as var­i­ous second hand and re­­sale pro­jects with­in the past years. Around 2/3 of these pro­jects have been de­veloped for third parties. Our tar­­get is to al­ways op­tim­ize our pro­jects to the highest stand­ards by co­op­er­­at­ing with the best suit­­able part­n­ers.

Fin­an­cial Solu­tions

Nord­ic Pro­jects & Fin­ance acts as co-in­­vestor, ad­visor and pro­ject broker for private and pro­fes­­sion­al in­­vestors. Ser­­vices cover the full value chain from pro­ject de­vel­op­­ment and struc­tur­ing, over fun­d-rais­ing and ar­range­­ment of debt fin­an­­cing until full asset and cor­­por­ate man­age­­ment.



  • nordic_drrponta_02_sw.jpg

    Dr. Rowil Ponta

    Has worked for more than 12 years successfully in management positions with Hamburg Süd and MPC Group before starting with Nordic Hamburg. He was Managing Director for the Hamburg Süd activities in Australia / New Zealand. He has successfully concluded many newbuilding projects primarily in China. Before joining the shipping industry Mr. Ponta worked for Deutsche Bank.

  • nordic_2020_06_24_gruberichard_13kkk.jpg

    Richard Grube

    Has worked 18 years within liner and tramp-shipping and the logistics industry. He held various management positions with Hamburg Süd before becoming a board member in an IT and consulting company within the shipping and logistics industry. He managed the reefer shipping activities and administration of Dry bulk, container chartering and the tanker division for Hamburg Süd.

  • nordic_2020_06_24_hoessermannsoeren_15k.jpg

    Sören Hössermann

    Sören started his shipping career with C.F. Ahrenkiel and later, while studying shipping and logistics joined Nordic in 2010 as project developer. Since 2014 Sören is based in Asia being responsible for Nordic’s new building projects, business development and ship management activities in Singapore.

  • nordic_kenoeden_08_sw.jpg

    Keno Eden

    Began his career in the shipping industry in 2008, working for Salomon Invest AG while studying Shipping and Finance in Hamburg. After successfully graduating his MSc from Singapore National University, Mr. Eden worked for Liberty One Shipmanagement in Singapore and Bremen. In 2014 he joined Nordic as Project Manager being responsible for project development, fund-raising and sale & purchase.

  • yannick_bild.jpg

    Yannick Kaiser

    Began his career in the shipping industry working for the Norddeutsche Reederei H. Schuldt. After completing his shipping professional in 2018 he worked in the controlling and the corporate development department. Being involved in several M&A processes. Yannick started at the Hamburg School of Business Administration in 2018 and joined Nordic Hamburg as Project Manager in 2020.

  • bild1i.jpg

    Robert Stegen

    Began his career in the shipping industry in 2007, working for H. Vogemann while studying Logistics Management and completing his shipping merchant. Mr. Stegen worked at H. Vogemann in the Controlling and Investor Relations department until he started his MSc in Management at Kühne Logistics University in 2015. From 2018 - 2020 Mr. Stegen was a Business Development Manager at Zeaborn Ship Management and joined NPF in 2020.



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