Nord­ic Pro­jects & Fin­ance is a strong part­ner for identi­fy­ing, struc­tur­ing and fin­an­­cing pro­jects in today’s ship­ping mar­kets.

Based in Ham­burg, Nord­ic Pro­jects & Fin­ance (NPF) iden­ti­fies in­­vest­­ment op­­por­­tun­­it­ies and of­fers all re­lated ser­­vices in­­­volving pro­ject man­age­­ment (in­­clud­ing struc­tur­ing and de­vel­op­­ment), asset man­age­­ment (tech­n­ic­al, com­mer­­­cial and cor­­por­ate) as well as fin­an­­cing solu­­tions on be­half of private- and fin­an­­cial in­­vestors, ship own­ers as well as fin­an­­cing banks.

Pro­ject Devel­op­ment

Nord­ic Pro­jects & Fin­ance has a broad net­­work in today's in­­ter­­n­a­­tion­al ship­ping and ship­build­ing mar­kets. NPF identi­fies at­tract­ive pro­jects and provides flex­ible solu­­tions spe­­ci­fic­ally ad­jus­ted to the needs and re­quire­ments of their cli­ents.

Asset Man­age­ment

A broad net­­work with close re­la­­tion­­ships to tech­n­ic­al and com­mer­­­cial man­agers en­­­ables NPF to al­ways identi­fy the ideal part­n­er for a spe­­ci­f­ic pro­ject. Nord­ic Ham­burg Group has de­veloped +90 new­build­ing as well as var­i­ous second hand and re­­sale pro­jects with­in the past years. Around 2/3 of these pro­jects have been de­veloped for third parties. Our tar­­get is to al­ways op­tim­ize our pro­jects to the highest stand­ards by co­op­er­­at­ing with the best suit­­able part­n­ers.

Fin­an­cial Solu­tions

Nord­ic Pro­jects & Fin­ance acts as co-in­­vestor, ad­visor and pro­ject broker for private and pro­fes­­sion­al in­­vestors. Ser­­vices cover the full value chain from pro­ject de­vel­op­­ment and struc­tur­ing, over fun­d-rais­ing and ar­range­­ment of debt fin­an­­cing until full asset and cor­­por­ate man­age­­ment.